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Who provides the insurance coverage on the leased equipment? 2016-02-19T20:25:40+00:00

This is the responsibility of the lessee (company undertaking the lease) and it is for your own protection.

What about sales tax? 2016-02-19T20:25:18+00:00

Sales tax is added to your monthly lease payment each month and charged separately.

Can I cancel the lease? 2016-02-19T20:25:01+00:00

The lease is non-cancelable. However, you may arrange for prepayment of the lease or upgrade to a more sophisticated piece of equipment.

What end-of-lease purchase options are available? 2016-02-19T20:24:39+00:00

There are three standard options:

• $1.00 Buyout
• Fixed Buyout (a buyout is determined before the documents are executed)
• Fair Market Value (FMV), the buyout is determined by the equipment’s “fair market value” at the end of the lease term

How often are payments made towards the lease? 2016-02-19T20:24:15+00:00

Payments are structured to meet your needs. They can be made monthly or seasonally, depending on your business cash flow and requirements.

Over how many years can I lease the equipment? 2016-02-19T20:23:57+00:00

Most leases are structured for 24, 36, 48 or 60 months, depending on the type of equipment to be leased. On some transactions we can offer up to 84 months.

Can Citi Capital Group finance software and other soft costs (i.e., installation, maintenance, training, etc.)? 2016-02-19T20:23:34+00:00

Yes, we can structure Software Only transactions and also include soft costs in your lease schedule.

Does only new equipment qualify to be leased? 2016-02-19T20:23:11+00:00

No, we can structure leases for new and used equipment.

What types of equipment can be leased? 2016-02-19T20:22:32+00:00

Just about any type of capital equipment for use in your business.

What is the process for commercial equipment leasing? 2016-02-19T20:22:09+00:00

You fill out a simple, one-page credit application. In certain instances, other financial information may be required such as tax returns or financial statements. The supplied credit information is reviewed and upon approval, the lease documents are prepared and sent to you for signing. A purchase order is then issued to your equipment vendor. Upon delivery of the equipment and acceptance by you, the equipment is paid for and the lease commences.

Why lease – why not just borrow the money? 2016-02-19T20:19:33+00:00

If you borrow money to buy and own equipment, you are using up available credit, which, if used for other purposes, has the ability to earn a return much higher than the cost of the lease payments. Leasing offers a new source of credit with the added benefit of being able to “expense” the payments in most instances.

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